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Should We Worry About a Digital Landfill?

Our society has made significant progress on reducing landfills…So, I’ve wondered if we are creating the equivalent of a digital landfill? Continue reading

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Igniting the Invisible Tribe

Josh Allan Dkystra’s new book, Igniting the Invisible Tribe. It is about a new way of business and work for the 21st Century. It’s a fabulous, must read book on how the world of ‘work’ … Continue reading

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As some of you know, I am passionate about networking, leading indicators and innovation from new combinations of existing things. I’ve been wondering how networks can be leading indicators for innovation! Sarah Beaulieu reminded me about LinkedIn’s Maps, so I took a look at mine… Continue reading

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In the corporate world, I see behavior that wasn’t tolerated in ‘my day’ and I’d never tolerate…from my kids let alone colleagues, including the C-suite. The Harvard Business Review even ran an article “Rudeness at Work: What’s Your Story?” What the heck is going on? Are permissiveness and indulgence endemic everywhere? Continue reading

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Four Lessons from the Best Bosses I Ever Had

My first boss at Bell Labs had a habit of yelling. While he was an equal-opportunity yeller, when he shouted at me in my first department meeting, I got up, told him when he wanted to talk, not yell, I’d be in my office and walked out. I was 20 years old, just out of undergrad, and sitting among a group of aghast Ph.D.’s . Continue reading

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Why am I a VC?

What is the role of a VC today? To help innovations that provide not just money and profit, but meaning and purpose become reality. Continue reading

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The Soul food of Innovation? Irritation!

Seriously! You know when you have an idea for a new business, product, service or process and you tell someone and they pick it apart? They tell you all the reasons it won’t work. You get really really peeved and annoyed and say to yourself, “They just don’t ‘get it’.”? Frustrating isn’t it? Continue reading

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