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iBeacons at Apple WWDC

In my previous article on some of the potential implications of the iPhone 5S launch, I talked about how one of the things that wasn’t included in the iPhone 5S that I thought would be, was NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Or at least I thought that Apple left it out… Continue reading

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Is iPhone 5S the Fingerprint of MCommerce Success?

Today as part of the new iPhone 5S Apple has finally integrated Authentec’s biometric technology into their flagship mobile phone that they purchased last year. Why is this tiny little sensor such a potential sea change for the mobile industry? Let’s look at all of the ways that this technology addition makes the iPhone more valuable than other phones. Continue reading

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Secret to Innovation Success Revealed!

Achieving innovation success is not easy. Sustaining innovation success is even harder. The list of innovative companies that no longer exist is long, and some of the biggest enemies of innovation are ultimately complacency and resistance to change. Continue reading

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Five Free Nine Innovation Roles Gifts

Êtes-vous innovants ou non? Possédez-vous l’ADN de l’innovateur? Avez-vous une personnalité innovante? À chaque fois que je lis un article qui stipule que certaines personnes sont innovantes et d’autres ne le sont pas, je suis gêné. Je suis également gêné lorsque je lis que certains individus seraient plus innovants que d’autres. Continue reading

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Education Innovation - Zombie-Based Learning

David designed the Zombie-Based Learning Geography curriculum because there were no project-based curriculum’s available at the time that he could use to teach Geography to his middle school students. Because we live in the era of crowdfunding and because he intended to make the effort widely available to educators around the world, he started a Kickstarter effort to… Continue reading

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De Nio Innovationsrollerna: Fem gratis verktyg

Är du innovativ eller inte? Har du uppfinnar-DNA? Eller en innovativ personlighet? Jag ryser varje gång jag läser ännu en artikel som påstår att vissa människor är innovativa och andra inte, eller att vissa individer är mer innovativa än andra. Struntprat säger jag! Continue reading

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Los Nueve Papeles en la Innovación – Cinco Regalos Gratis

¿Eres innovador o no? ¿Posees el ADN de un innovador? ¿Qué hay de una personalidad innovadora? Me contraigo cada vez que veo un nuevo artículo tratando de decir básicamente que algunas personas son innovadoras y otras no, o que ciertos individuos son más innovadores que otros. Yo digo, ¡bazofia! Continue reading

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