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Innovation Questions of the Day

As a parent and someone who is focused and passionate about helping organizations create a sustainable innovation culture for their organization, I’m always thinking about inspirational questions to help put people in the right mindset to innovation, thinking about what subjects our educational institutions should be teaching in order to create tomorrow’s innovative workforce. Lately I came up with a couple of questions I’d like to share with you. Continue reading

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How to Create an Oil Lamp out of an Orange

Often innovation comes as a result of someone looking at things differently. And as I’ve laid out in the Eight I’s of Infinite Innovation framework, innovation starts with inspiration.
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Making Makers

The Maker movement is steadily gaining steam and some cities are looking to help it grow and thrive, seeing it as an opportunity to inspire artists and entrepreneurs. One such city is Edmonton, which lies in the Alberta province of Canada, and its program in their public library system to provide maker spaces staffed with library employees and equipped with 3D printers, computers with Apple’s Garage Band and Adobe’s Creative Suite, and more. Continue reading

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Competition for Innovation Attention Heating Up

The competition among countries around the world for attention for their innovation efforts, and to find corporate buyers for the intellectual property being developed in their universities, is heating up. This week I came across the following sizzle reel from New Zealand’s KiwiNet, otherwise known as The Kiwi Innovation Network: Continue reading

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Inside Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Center

As innovation becomes more recognized as the sustaining lifeblood of any company, more organizations are investing in improving their connections to entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, academic institutions and other outside entities to strengthen their pipelines for insights, ideas, and collaboration. To support this effort, some companies are even creating dedicated physical spaces for this collaboration to occur… Continue reading

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Domino's Steady Pizza - Value Access Example

I came across this great video from Domino’s Pizza that shows their new Steady Pizza concept. It’s a perfect example of the Value Access component of my Value Framework for Innovation, and how Value Access can help you better deliver the value you’ve created for customers (literally). The concept of the video starts with a simple question: Continue reading

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coke robot

I came across this great video from Coca Cola Vietnam that is a great example of how creative minds and the concept of Value Access can sometimes unlock more value from your existing products and possibly even create new products as a result. Continue reading

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