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A Peek into the Digital Workplace

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with fellow author Scott Berkun to talk with him about his new book The Year Without Pants, which catalogs his experience in two years with Automattic, the company that runs Our conversation touched on many different topics including innovation, collaboration, and organizational behavior and I’m happy to share the highlights here. Continue reading

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Who's Your Daddy? - DNA Testing to Go

First there was the ice cream man, then there was the book mobile, then came the popular food truck craze, and now the other day I came across a humorous new business on wheels – Who’s Your Daddy? What service do they provide? Continue reading

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Best Practices for Innovation

Every company serious about innovation should anchor their pursuit in a vision, strategy and goals for innovation. These core innovation components should address not just enabling technology but processes and culture too. Microsoft has published this Innovation Management Framework as the culmination of a collaboration with a consortium of visionaries and practitioners to ensure that it includes thought leadership on innovation from Microsoft and its broader ecosystem. Continue reading

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Backwards Innovation - Cookies n Cream Oreos

Now you might be asking yourself… What do Cookies ‘n’ Cream Oreos and chicken feet have in common? In short, both cookies ‘n’ cream and chicken feet involve valuable delicacies that that come from what people previously thought of as waste products from the production of something that was seen as more valuable. Continue reading

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The Accidental Innovator

I came across the story of how the multi-Billion dollar Chipotle Mexican Grill chain was started, and some of the missions and strategies that they pursue in their business. Don’t worry, all of this is leading to a connection to innovation. Where it has led me, is to an idea that I want you to consider as you look at your innovation efforts. It is the idea of Backwards Innovation. What is Backwards Innovation? Continue reading

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Are you innovating in your head?

Came across a funny Dilbert cartoon in our Innovation Excellence Linkedin Group (19,350+ members) thanks to David Williams and thought I would share it with everyone along with another one that I came across. Continue reading

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iBeacons at Apple WWDC

In my previous article on some of the potential implications of the iPhone 5S launch, I talked about how one of the things that wasn’t included in the iPhone 5S that I thought would be, was NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Or at least I thought that Apple left it out… Continue reading

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