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Linkedin Group Giveaway - Join Now

The Innovation Excellence LinkedIn Group has surpassed 20,000 members and continues to grow thanks to all of the great contributions from you – the Innovation Excellence Community. The contest winner has also been announced! Continue reading

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Companies Connect Same Dots in Different Ways

One thing that I find fascinating about the innovation space is that when it comes to innovation is the outcomes of competition within an industry. I talk alot about it being about collecting and connecting the dots, and in any industry any company looking to survive and thrive, must continuously innovate and that means continuously collecting and connecting dots. Continue reading

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Where Should Marketing Innovation Come From?

The world of marketing and advertising used to be very simple. In this simple environment, companies looked to their agencies to bring them innovations in marketing and/or advertising. But this simple world of marketing and advertising is being disrupted and made more complex in the same way that many other industries are (think book publishing, book retailing, management consulting, etc.). Continue reading

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Shocking People as Value Translation

It costs a lot of money to make a television commercial, and at its core what is a television advertisement? It’s a short piece of video designed to reinforce brand values and attachment, or possibly with any luck, to drive purchasing behavior. But there are other ways to distribute video now of course, other than buying time on the major networks or the hundreds of cable networks. Continue reading

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Unexpected Holiday Competition for Xbox and PS4

The holiday sales season is fast approaching and the competition for the premium gift of the season just got a bit more complicated. Most people assume that the premium holiday gift battle this year will be between Xbox and PS4. But, some new competition has just entered the picture that may steal some of Xbox and PS4′s holiday sales, and it is not a console… Continue reading

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Flipping Business Models Around

Some business models and products have been around so long that we just take them for granted, while others concepts that are becoming new business models are so new that we’re not quite sure what to expect. It is probably easiest to explain what I mean and why this juxtaposition is important by looking at a few examples. Most of these examples involve challenging our orthodoxies. Continue reading

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A Peek into the Digital Workplace

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with fellow author Scott Berkun to talk with him about his new book The Year Without Pants, which catalogs his experience in two years with Automattic, the company that runs Our conversation touched on many different topics including innovation, collaboration, and organizational behavior and I’m happy to share the highlights here. Continue reading

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