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Visualizing World Economic Forum Outcomes

As the World Economic Forum 2013 comes to a close I came across a BusinessWeek article that had the graphic below that made me laugh. But with all of the attention that gets paid to what goes on in Davos, does anything beneficial for the world really come out of it? Continue reading

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Using Gravity to Save and Improve Lives

I came across an IndieGogo project that is focused on building and trialing a gravity-powered power station that can serve either as a lantern or as a flexible power source that can be used to power a task light, recharge batteries, or potentially other things that users might dream up that the designers can’t yet imagine. Continue reading

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The Yolks on You

Too often we all run around trying to pluck a gamechanging idea out of thin air that nobody has ever seen, solving a problem that has never been solved, when really if the truth be told, there are still lots of existing problems with lots of solutions that are still waiting for a simple, elegant solution. Continue reading

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Making Online Gift Cards Fun

When companies start from the premise that innovation is all about value, it is amazing just how many innovations – big and small – that they can achieve. Continue reading

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Push or Pull Marketing for Innovations?

Innovation is all about value, and both internal communications and external marketing have a critical role to play in determining whether an invention has any chance of becoming an innovation. When it comes to both the Value Access and Value Translation components of innovation, in most organizations the marketing department holds the keys to success. But, unless the team does a good job… Continue reading

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A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

I’d like to call your attention to a book with writings from several of our contributing authors, a foreword from Henry Chesbrough, and edited by Innovation Excellence contributor Paul Sloane – A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. As a special value added service to the Innovation Excellence readers, inside this post you’ll find my chapter as a free sample. Continue reading

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Winning the War for Innovation - New Thought Paper

There is a war for innovation brewing, and building a deep innovation capability is the only way to win it. The question is, will you lead the charge onto the innovation battlefield, or will you let your competitors bring the fight to you? Continue reading

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