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Inside Johnson & Johnson's Innovation Center

As innovation becomes more recognized as the sustaining lifeblood of any company, more organizations are investing in improving their connections to entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, academic institutions and other outside entities to strengthen their pipelines for insights, ideas, and collaboration. To support this effort, some companies are even creating dedicated physical spaces for this collaboration to occur… Continue reading

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Domino's Steady Pizza - Value Access Example

I came across this great video from Domino’s Pizza that shows their new Steady Pizza concept. It’s a perfect example of the Value Access component of my Value Framework for Innovation, and how Value Access can help you better deliver the value you’ve created for customers (literally). The concept of the video starts with a simple question: Continue reading

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coke robot

I came across this great video from Coca Cola Vietnam that is a great example of how creative minds and the concept of Value Access can sometimes unlock more value from your existing products and possibly even create new products as a result. Continue reading

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Free Innovation Culture Keynote - Online - June 6, 2014

If your innovation culture leaves something to be desired and its your job to make it better, then come join me online at Pipeline 2014 for my FREE keynote on June 6, 2014 and find out five actions you can take to change your innovation culture for the better. Here is a description of the session: Continue reading

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Why Don't Companies Invest in a Culture of Innovation?

Innovation is everywhere. You can’t go an entire commercial break during the Super Bowl or a State of the Union address (okay, sorry, both American examples) without hearing the word innovation pop up at least once or twice. Companies have added innovation to their company values and mission statements in accelerating numbers. Some organizations have… Continue reading

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Business Model Innovation Delivers Fresher, Cheaper Food

There is no doubt that people are becoming more interested in where their food came from and with meat prices rising (especially here in the United States with widespread drought in some areas) people are also becoming more concerned with the cost. Zaycon Foods is leveraging a business model that’s better for the environment, farmers, and consumers. Continue reading

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Lean Innovation Series - Introduction

I’ve started working with a local healthcare insurance company in a role focused on driving improvement and innovation in its membership and billing operations. The company has a big focus on LEAN throughout the company and always has some sort of value stream mapping (VSM) or rapid process improvement workshop (RPIW) going on through the Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO). Despite this only being my second week on the job, I have already been involved in the company’s LEAN efforts. Continue reading

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