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The Men Who Stare at Goats - and Innovate

What makes you stop and stare? What inspires you? I’ve written many times about the role of inspiration in innovation, and there are lots of sources of both inspiration and innovation. For me, inspiration is so important to innovation that I put inspiration at the center of my Eight I’s of Innovation framework (traducido al español por Vanessa Lopez-De la O). Continue reading

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Coca-Cola Looking to Bring Some Innovation to Your Home?

Recently I came across an announcement that Coca-Cola is partnering with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to sell Coke products as part of Green Mountain’s new home beverage system slated for a release later this year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Green Mountain, they make the popular Keurig in-home single-serving coffee machine (which became a popular home and office item after Nespresso’s patents expired). Is there any innovation here? Continue reading

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Is innovation going to the dogs?

What does the dog say? In case you missed it, a team from Scandinavia thinks that they’ve nearly cracked no, not the human-computer interface, but the dog-computer interface, so that some day soon we might in fact be able to understand man’s best friend. Continue reading

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Starbucks Retail Innovation in Switzerland

What happens in Switzerland if you forget to buy your latte or cappuccino before you get on the train? Well, Starbucks has taken the next leap in connecting with customers as they make their rail connections, moving beyond retail locations in train stations across Europe to opening its first store on a Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) car, the national railway line for Switzerland. Continue reading

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What is Deeper Learning?

We here at Innovation Excellence are passionate about innovation AND education, because it is not just companies that need to innovate, but countries too. And the countries that do the best job of educating the next generation of innovators will be the ones that will live at the top of the food chain and reap the monetary and societal benefits. Continue reading

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Begin 2014 with an Innovation Catalyst Certification

I’m a certified Innovation Catalyst. Are you? Did you know you that for FREE between now and January 31, 2014 you can become certified as an Innovation Catalyst by the Global Innovation Management Institute as a special offer in preparation for the launch of four (4) full levels of innovation certification? Continue reading

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Two Views on Innovation at Google

What does innovation look like inside Google? Well, here are a couple of perspectives from a couple of different Google evangelists. Some of which has been contradicted by other Google employees that I’ve talked to (like the fact that the 20% time that everyone talks so much about, doesn’t actually exist anymore). But there are some interesting things in here nonetheless. Continue reading

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