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BEST OF TED: Get Ready for Hybrid Thinking

Two hundred million years ago, our mammal ancestors developed a new brain feature: the neocortex. This stamp-sized piece of tissue (wrapped around a brain the size of a walnut) is the key to what humanity has become. Now, futurist Ray Kurzweil suggests, we should get ready for the next big leap in brain power, as we tap into the computing power in the cloud. Continue reading

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Boeing Customer Experience

Progressive organizations are shifting to total customer experience strategies and design approaches. Take a look at what Boeing is up to here… Continue reading

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Does innovation start with the idea?

We came across this video about innovation that we thought we would share with you and get your thoughts and reactions. It’s main point is that innovation starts with an idea. I’m sure by now you know that Innovation Excellence co-Founders Braden Kelley and Rowan Gibson would disagree and say that innovation begins not with an idea, but with a unique and valuable customer insight… Continue reading

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What Does it Take to Innovate?

We’re always on the lookout for different innovation visualizations, infographics and frameworks. We came across this one on a German site from the Hay Group, which addresses the question: What Does it Take to Innovate? Their answer comes in eight parts: Continue reading

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Culture Feasts on Innovation: Here's What you Can Do About It

You can have the best talent, best ideas, best processes, abundance of cash. If your culture does not align, being successful with innovating starts looking as if it’s a matter of luck. Continue reading

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New Ways of Learning in a Rapidly Changing World

In this video John Seely Brown tackles the issues surrounding learning in a “world of constant change.” He echoes some of those conclusions here: “In a world of rapid change,” Brown explains, “any particular skill that I’ve learned is apt to have a moderately short shelf life. So what I really need to do is [...] create contexts for myself, that I keep scaffolding and learning and accelerating what I know to increase my own performance.” Continue reading

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Internal Venture Funds

The tyranny of the annual budget cycle can squash innovation inside a large company. An internal venture fund is a practical mechanism to help innovation survive corporate timelines, metrics, silos, turf wars, and politics. Continue reading

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