An Innovator has an Obligation to Look to the Future!

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Week 21 theme is “look to the future”

If, as George Carlin said, “An artist has an obligation to be en route.” Please complete this sentence: An innovator has an obligation to…

- invite the future into the present.Elizabeth Houck, Senior Business Practices Consultant at Symbiosis Consulting

- be the architects of the future with imagination, empathy and courage. - Sean Young, Technology Executive, Innovation Consultant & Entrepreneur

- to shape the future, by integrating and weaving the ‘innocation’ into the fabric of the collective consciousness.Anthony Hall, Grandpa-Geek | Artist & Inventor

- What the innovator creates must conform to the equilibrium with nature, thus an obligation to give and share how to improve one’s well being from where and what is now connecting the future.Miriam Batiancila, Planning Officer at Department of Education

Additional Quote from Chapter 1, ‘The state of the nation addressed: Taking stock of how things stack up’ in Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World

Knowledge Innovation ® embodies the concept that innovation is the one competence needed for the future.  It addresses all the fundamental management dimension in the process of innovation – the creation and conversion of ideas into viable commercial products in addition to building a foundation for future sustainable growth.  It recognizes that knowledge is the core component of innovation – not technology or finances per se.” – Debra Amidon, Author and ENTOVATION Founder/CEO

If you would like to ‘have your say’, feel free to join in by sharing your thoughts below, and on the Innovation Excellence LinkedIn group forum!

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image credit: Kim Chandler McDonald

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  • Kim Chandler McDonald is author of Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World (available in print as an industry-first, SmartMark enabled Online Ecosystem). She is Co-Founder of Flat World Navigator at KimmiC, a company specializing in leading edge innovations such as FlatWorld™ – digital technology that empowers end users to easily capture, collaborate and capitalize on ideas, information and knowledge assets.

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