Coke Thinking Beyond Traditional Product Lifecycle

Combining Creativity with Marketing and Branding

I came across this great video from Coca Cola Vietnam that is an example of how creative minds and the concept of Value Access can sometimes unlock more value from your existing products and possibly even create new products as a result.

The concept of the video starts with a simple question:

What if a Coca Cola bottle was never thrown away?

From there it goes on to show lots of different potential uses for a Coca Cola bottle, and possibly even new products that Coca Cola could sell.

I love this.

And hopefully it will inspire you to ask, what simple question could we ask that would unlock new sources of value from our existing products or services for customers?

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5 Responses to Coke Thinking Beyond Traditional Product Lifecycle

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  2. Marshall Barnes says:

    I liked it as well, though I found myself distracted by a sense of tragic nostalgia. My question is, did this idea come from customer ideation? I heard a rumor around here that that’s where innovation comes from…

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