Monthly Archives: January 2014

Free eBook: The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation

Douglas S. Williams, LeAnna J. Carey, and Kevin Riley have published a free eBook entitled, "The Power of Co-Creation in Healthcare Innovation," which serves as a conversation starter about the ailing healthcare industry and how co-creation amongst key stakeholders can lead to its transformation. The eBook includes exclusive healthcare practitioner survey data as well as a mini-case study about how the authors co-created modelH, the business model canvas for healthcare.

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Innovation of Loneliness

Here is an interesting video exploring ideal human group sizes, human psychology, and the effects of social media and social networks on the human condition. It will be interesting to see, now that we know these things, what we choose to do. What impact have the innovations that are social media and social networking had on your life and your loneliness?

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