99 Facts on the Future of Innovation for 2014

Business Innovation is the key ingredient for growth. Changes in technology, new customer expectations, a re-defined contract between employees and employers, strained resources, and business and social networks are requiring businesses to become insight-driven businesses.

In this presentation, SAP has gathered 99 facts that represent the changes taking place in the world today. Each of these facts represents a key insight and suggests where we need to focus and change to become viable, sustainable and growing future businesses.

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is a popular innovation speaker, embeds innovation across the organization with innovation training, and builds B2B pull marketing strategies that drive increased revenue, visibility and inbound sales leads. He has recently begun distributing Innovation eLearning and is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. He tweets from @innovate.

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7 Responses to 99 Facts on the Future of Innovation for 2014

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  2. Juan Rosman says:

    How can I get the presentation to use in an university course in Argentina?

  3. Braden Kelley says:

    If you click on the link right below the embedded presentation box from Slideshare, it will take you to the presentation on our Slideshare channel, and there for this one you will find a download link.

    Keep innovating!


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  5. As usual, that kind of prez, is not ordered in a architectured manner…
    It is a flood of info with often unrelated illustrations.
    Several info are important but how ordinary minds can remember them after such a flood ? try to tell what is important for your decisions in 2014 !

    Authors should try harder …

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