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What innovation are you most thankful for? – Gobble-Tov

Gobble-Tov! In the United States we are about to celebrate our annual Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, where families and friends reconnect and reconvene to share a big meal (often including turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie), to read, to watch movies, or possibly to watch some American Football. But most importantly, we all come together to share what we are thankful for.

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Uber Paranoia and Unconventional Thinking Lead to Success

When I read the WSJ article, Amazon’s Greatest Weapon: Jeff Bezos’s Paranoia, I agreed with the points about paranoia and why Bezos stands apart from many of the leaders. That allows him constantly to be aware and ahead of competition at all times. This applies to all Amazon product lines including the Kindle, Amazon books, the web services business, and the most amazing growth of Amazon in the elastic computing and cloud business and much more.

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Transplant Syndrome

Overall, our upward evolutionary spiral toward infinite productivity is a good thing. (More profit with less work – can’t argue with that.) And also good is our Darwinian desire to increase our chances of realizing profit by winding a thick cocoon of risk reduction around the work.

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