Monthly Archives: October 2013

Giving Open Innovation a Chance to Work

I have the impression that Open Innovation still does not get the chance its potential deserves. There are many reasons for this. They range from overly generous definitions that enable companies to point to a small number of activities and then tick the Open Innovation box, to the success of Not Invented Here syndrome.

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The Myths of Creativity

What causes us to be creative one day and completely blocked the next? Where do our sudden creative insights—our Eureka! moments—come from, and how can we generate more of them, more consistently? What brand of creativity is best suited to business?

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Take your Business Model to the Next Level

Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur's Business Model Canvas has become the standard tool for describing your organization's business model. They developed the nine building blocks of the canvas in his doctoral research almost 10 years ago, based on what we knew at that time on business models. Yet, our understanding of business models has developed considerably over the last decade.

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