Nominations Open – Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2013

Top 50 Innovation TweetersWe thought it would be a fun summer activity to pull together a list of the top innovation personalities and information sharers on twitter. We know we follow a lot of great innovation people on twitter (including a lot of the great Innovation Excellence authors) and we are curious to see who you follow or who you think people should investigate to learn more about. We’ll then take your nominations and our favorites and compile them into a list to share back with you next Monday.

In case you missed it, here were the Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012

DEADLINE for nominations will be August 20, 2013 at midnight GMT and you can do it two ways:

  1. Leave a comment on this article
  2. Send a tweet to @innovate

Of course we invite you to follow Innovation Excellence on Twitter where we tweet as @ixchat

And to encourage your favorite tweeters (or yourself) to contribute articles to the world’s most popular innovation web site – Innovation Excellence – or to advertise (starting from $100/week). :-)


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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is a popular innovation speaker, embeds innovation across the organization with innovation training, and builds B2B pull marketing strategies that drive increased revenue, visibility and inbound sales leads. He is currently advising an early-stage fashion startup making jewelry for your hair and is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. He tweets from @innovate.

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16 Responses to Nominations Open – Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2013

  1. Steven Handy says:

    I nominate Kathleen Poulos as one of the Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2013. Kathleen tweets about advances in healthcare, google glass and new market research. Her twitter handle is @katseyemedia.

    Thank you,

    Steven Handy

  2. Nicole Granet says:

    I nominate Erica Dhawan (@edhawan) as a Top 50 Innovation Tweeter of 2013.

    Her posts are insightful and current regarding innovation. The best part is that she intertwines her innovation tweets with content about generation Y, millennials, the workplace, creativity and entrepreneurship. This fusion gives her tweets a unique perspective of innovation and its crucial role in our lives, workplaces and futures.

    Thank you!

    Nicole Granet

  3. Seb Sigloch says:

    I would like to nominate:

    Ralph is Product Innovation Manager and tweets about organizational and personal innovation.

    Tim is Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management and tweets on the management of innovation.

    Marcel is Associate Professor of Innovation Management at University of Southern Denmark. He tweet on Innovation Management and Open Innovation

    Thank you,

    Sebastian Sigloch

  4. Kristen says:

    I would like to nominate Scott Anthony, managing partner of Innosight, author and speaker on innovation. Tweets from @ScottDAnthony

  5. I would like to nominate Silvio Meira, Professor of Software Engineering Center of Informatics of UFPE, Chief Scientist of CESAR, Chairman of the board of administration of the Porto Digital, and Adviser of IKEWAI.
    See more in @srlm

  6. Indy says:

    I would like to nominate Gregg Fraley who tweets with insight about creativity and innovation.

    His handle is @greggfraley

  7. Maggie Shea says:


    I enjoy Doug Collins take on innovation. He can be wicked funny.


  8. I wish to nominate Doug Collins, VP at Spigit and author of Innovation Achitecture Series. His tweets @InnoArchitect and contribution to innovation has been an inspiration.

  9. Gaurav Mantro says:

    I wish to nominate Doug Collin. His tweet handle is @InnoArchitect

  10. Nomination: Ron Adner
    Twitter: @RonAdner
    Title: Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Faculty Director for the Leading Innovation executive program, author of “The Wide Lens” – See more at:

  11. Mark Truelson says:

    I learn and engage with the following:


    If you are not following them do yourself a favour!

  12. karenperkins says:

    I nominate
    @soberistas for sensible useful tweets

  13. Brian Denker says:

    Recent forward thinking author, scholar and thought leader on collaborative innovation @InnoArchitect

  14. Pablo says:

    I would like to nominate Dra. Susana Marcos from CSIC who tweets about state-of-the-art technologies to explore human and animal vision:


    Her group’s web is:

    Thank you very much

  15. Doug Stevenson says:

    I nominate Gregg Fraley @greggfraley as an innovation author, blogger, tweeter par excellence.

  16. Rik Konings says:

    I nominate Rik Konings for his innovative ideas for an inclusive society, social entrepreneurship to end poverty, his out-of-the-box-ideas to re-invent the educationsystem and for is Pelgrimage for worldpeace.

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