Monthly Archives: May 2013

modelH – Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 4)

After reading my 3 earlier posts, I hope we have you convinced that this is a worthwhile effort and that you should join us. By joining the forum – you join the movement to create a better healthcare system. The solutions for transforming healthcare will come from harnessing diverse ideas from across the ecosystem of healthcare stakeholders. We are inviting individuals inside and outside of the healthcare industry to join us on one platform to ignite conversations and build solutions for new business models within US healthcare. That means you – yes, you are invited!

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Download Innovation Excellence Weekly magazine v34

We know some IX community members want to get great innovation content, but don't come to the site every day. So to help them make sure they didn't miss the best innovation articles of the week, we have launched Innovation Excellence Weekly - the magazine - so that you can download the ten best articles of the week to your: Nook from Barnes & Noble, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung GalaxyTab, other trusty tablet, laptop, or desktop computer (PC or Mac). Think of it as Innovation Excellence to go.

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Self‐Innovation for Innovators: an Interview with Stuart Heller

I was asked to interview Stuart Heller, a pioneer in bringing together and to us the DIY classics on change and transformation. Stuart is the co-author of the “cult classic”, Retooling on the Run: Real Change for Leaders with No Time (with David Sheppard Surrenda). He has a big new project in the works. It’s a 21st century “book”, a new genre of transformational tools that connects the cloud to your life and to the world.

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