Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012

Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012We launched Innovation Excellence on August 1, 2011 and so 2012 was our first full year of operations. To celebrate we’ve pulled together the Top 100 Innovation Articles of 2012.

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We do some other rankings too. At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month and we also publish a weekly Top 10 as part of our Innovation Excellence Weekly email and FREE MAGAZINE, so an annual Top 100 seems like a logical fit.

Did your favorite make the cut?

But enough delay, here are the 100 most popular innovation posts of 2012 (each receiving 5,600 – 34,400 page views):

  1. Beyond Stage Gate – Repeating Disruptive Innovation – by Jose A. Briones, Ph.D.
  2. Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011
  3. The Rise of Social Innovation – by Nicolas Bry
  4. Five Tech Trends Impacting Business Innovation in 2012 – by Tim Sweeney
  5. Has Microsoft Leapfrogged Apple – by Greg Satell
  6. 10 Success Principles of Apple’s Innovation Master Jonathan Ive – by John Webb
  7. Tips for Crowdsourcing, Innovation, and Savings – by Jessica Day
  8. Boosting Personal Innovation Capacity – Iterate! – by Dennis Stauffer
  9. What’s the Difference between Creativity and Innovation? – by Paul Sloane
  10. Top 50 Innovation Tweeters
  11. Towards a New Model for Innovation – design inside – by Nicolas Bry
  12. Free Books & Reports on Open Innovation, Co-Creation & Crowdsourcing – by Stefan Lindegaard
  13. The Innovator’s Mindset – by Bradley (Woody) Bendle
  14. The Next Really, Really, Really, Big Thing – by Greg Satell
  15. Striving for Strategic Alignment, Context and Common Language – by Paul Hobcraft and Jeffrey Phillips
  16. Where Innovators and Entrepreneurs Intersect – by Nicolas Bry
  17. Creating Predictable Innovation Success – Interview with Les McKeown
  18. Rise of the Social Business Architect – by Braden Kelley
  19. The Innovation Genome Project – by Bill O’Connor
  20. Boardroom Burnout: Is there a pill for that? – by Kaye O’Leary
  21. Clearworks - Customers, Connections, Clarity

  22. Is Brainstorming Pointless? – by Steve Faktor
  23. Eight I’s of Infinite Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  24. 10 TED Talks to Help You Become an Innovative Leader – by Jorge Barba
  25. The Value Proposition Canvas – by Alex Osterwalder
  26. Finding a Better Word for ‘Innovation’ – by Jocelyn Atkinson and Michael Graber
  27. Twitter invented in 1935? – by Braden Kelley
  28. 7 Ways to Outsmart Your Brain And Be More Innovative – by Stephen Shapiro
  29. 7 Ways Conferences Cause You to Innovate – by Julie Anixter
  30. The Seven Essential Domains for Innovation Leadership – the Work Mat Approach – by Paul Hobcraft and Jeffrey Phillips
  31. Booz & Company 2012 Global Innovation Study – by Barry Jaruzelski
  32. Social TV: Tapping into Disruptive Innovation – by Nicolas Bry
  33. 5 Super Cool Future Technologies – by Greg Satell
  34. Social Media is the Glue of Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  35. Why Business Models No Longer Last – by Greg Satell
  36. Don’t Fail Fast – Learn Fast – by Braden Kelley
  37. The Demand for Curiosity, Creativity and Innovation – by Bradley (Woody) Bendle
  38. New Online Marketing Strategy – Predict Surprising Google Updates – by Amanda DiSilvestro
  39. If Steve Jobs Worked for You, you’d probably fire him – by Gregg Fraley
  40. Is it Creativity or is it Jargon? – by Thomson Dawson
  41. What an Innovative Culture Looks Like – by Drew Boyd

  42. Join the global innovation community

  43. Can Innovation Skills Be Learned? – by Tony Wagner
  44. Learning Cultures and Innovation – by Bradley (Woody) Bendle
  45. Six Sigma and Innovation – A Remarkable Duo – by Alex Orlov
  46. The Future of Retail – by Greg Satell
  47. Innovation Fitness Dynamics – by Paul Hobcraft
  48. Make Ideas Happen – the role of innovation strategy – by Bradley (Woody) Bendle
  49. Amazon Delivers Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  50. Creativity in the 21st Century Classroom – by Dimis Michaelides
  51. 21 Situations When You Should Not Innovate – by Gijs van Wulfen
  52. The Difference between Strategy and Innovation – by Greg Satell
  53. Your Anti-innovation Checklist – by Holly G Green
  54. Innovation through Measurement – by Ben Forgan
  55. The Best Strategic Thinkers – 5 Sure Characteristics – by Mike Brown
  56. Innovation Spaces – A New Frontier in Collaboration – by Elisa O’Donnell
  57. Chief Innovation Officer’s Agenda – by Paul Hobcraft
  58. Summer Reading List – books to inspire thought – by Greg Satell
  59. How Amazon Whupped Facebook – by Adam Hartung
  60. The Intersection of Human and Organizational Innovation Capabilities – by Ralph Ohr
  61. Discipline – the indispensable ingredient in innovation – by Josie Gibson
  62. Turn your Connected TV into a Smart TV – by Nicolas Bry
  63. Like Innovation Excellence on Facebook

  64. Four Marketing Issues to Address with Creative Crowdsourcing – Yannig Roth
  65. Listen to Consumers or Ignore Them? – by Kevin McFarthing
  66. The Change Challenge for Innovation Consultants – by Paul Hobcraft
  67. Luminous Design – the Future of Smart TV – by Nicolas Bry
  68. Innofacturing, the Real Innovation in Manufacturing – by Geovanny Romero
  69. The Neuroscience of Creativity: Why Daydreaming Matters – by Matthew E May
  70. Healthcare Innovation – Not Business As Usual – by LeAnna J. Carey
  71. When Drawing is Thinking by Patrick Le Quément, Renault Design creator – by Nicolas Bry
  72. The Nine Innovation Roles – by Braden Kelley
  73. Neil Armstrong’s Legacy Is More Important Now Than Ever – by Adam Hartung
  74. Innovation Sighting – Apple’s Use of Attribute Dependency in iPhones – by Drew Boyd
  75. The Top 5 Leadership Skills for Sustained Innovation – by Holly G Green
  76. Managing Innovation is about Managing Change – by Braden Kelley
  77. Four Key Innovation Contradictions – by Jeffrey Phillips
  78. Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation are Complementary – by Yannig Roth
  79. 40 Examples of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing – by Stefan Lindegaard
  80. Innovative Leadership for Future Change – by Dr. Tony Bolden
  81. The Genius and Failure of Coca-Cola Freestyle – by Eric Sforza
  82. The Strategic Pyramid – by Marty Neumeier
  83. The innovation ecosystem – infographic – by Simon Hill

  84. Follow @ixchat on twitter

  85. How Not to Do Social Media – by Braden Kelley
  86. A-to-F Method for Innovation Success – by Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias de Bes
  87. The Principles of Lean Innovation – by Geovanny Romero
  88. Who is Your Innovation Czar? – by Rowan Gibson
  89. Push or Pull Marketing for Innovations? – by Braden Kelley
  90. The Best Innovation Strategy is Searching for Needs – by Gijs van Wulfen
  91. 25 C’s of Innovation – by Cesar Malacon
  92. Quantified Self – Epicenter of Disruptive Innovation – by Clinton Bonner
  93. 11 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2012 – by Matt Heinz
  94. Starbucks’ Refreshing Innovation – by Braden Kelley
  95. Five Events That Will Shape University Technology Transfer – by Melba Kurman
  96. Sustaining an Employee-Led Innovation Culture – by Matthew Reedy
  97. 7 Ways to Market Your Business Using Pinterest – by Matthew E May
  98. What’s Stopping You – by Tim Kastelle
  99. Business Model Innovation – by Brendam Coram
  100. Evolution of Mind Mapping – by Judith E. Glaser
  101. Business Model Canvas Set to Explode – by Paul Hobcraft
  102. A Breakthrough in Measuring Cool – by Donna Sturgess
  103. The Truth about Radical Innovation – by Greg Satell
  104. Why Innovation Teams Fail – or Succeed – by Braden Kelley

Now, these are the Top 100 innovation articles of 2012 based on the number of page views. If your favorite Innovation Excellence article didn’t make the cut, then add it to the comments and maybe we’ll consider doing a People’s Choice List for 2012.

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Editor’s Note: Innovation Excellence is open to contributions from any and all innovation professionals out there (practitioners, professors, researchers, consultants, authors, etc.) who have a valuable innovation insight to share with everyone for the greater good. If you’d like to contribute, create an account.

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