Monthly Archives: November 2012

5 Principles of Peak Performance

Cinderella, much like many stories of great accomplishment, is a fairy tale. We love hearing about the moment of triumph; the shot at the buzzer, the photo finish and the medals at the podium. The truth is boring - endless hours, repeated frustration and constant exhaustion. Here are 5 principles that determine whether it’s all worth it.

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Disruptive Innovation and Punk Rock

This video is a feature from BBC News on Punk Rock Business and disruptive innovation. This event, set up in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and the Open University, delivered to 100 senior managers across a range of sectors examined disruptive innovation.

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Innovation Challenges in Laggard Markets

Early this year a Groupon copycat was in my office building: Grupongo. I don’t know if they exist anymore but they’ve since closed operations in Tijuana. I have no insight into why they closed operations, but I do have an idea since I got to talk to the Regional Sales Manager a few months before.

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