Monthly Archives: November 2012

Innovative Data – Numbers Telling a BIG Story

Whether it’s David McCandless waxing eloquent on the TED stage, the NY Times ushering in the age of big data, or new startups racing to carve out a niche in the field, big data is just about everywhere these days. And while big data is being hailed as a potential driver for a better kind of innovation, there’s just a little problem: big data is BIG.

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Innovation Excellence Weekly for your Nook

We know some IX community members want to get great innovation content, but don't come to the site every day. So to help them make sure they didn't miss the best innovation articles of the week, we have launched Innovation Excellence Weekly - the magazine - so that you can download the ten best articles of the week to your: Nook from Barnes & Noble, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung GalaxyTab, other trusty tablet, laptop, or desktop computer (PC or Mac). Think of it as Innovation Excellence to go.

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