Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs’ Future Insights

Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs' Future InsightsSteve Jobs’ untimely death left a lot of people wanting more.

Even after consuming Walter Issacson’s masterful bio, welded out of unfettered access and proximity to the man himself, a lot of people in the innovation community were left hungry for a different kind of explanation of his life and work.  One that could be used as a one-two punch to learn from.  Patrick Meyer is one of those people who, like many long time Jobs’ observer/appreciators, wanted to go deeper into the meaning of Steve Jobs’ work, to make sense out of it for the sake of work itself.

He could have looked at any one of the disciplines Jobs mastered — computing or music or education or animation or value-creating entrepreneurship of epic proportions.  Instead he chose to go deep down into the well of mobile.  What resulted is Steve Jobs & the World of Mobile, a passionate exploration which Meyers created to show Job’s vision and inspiration in context, and to unleash insights for the future of an increasingly technology-enabled world.  This new book lands dead square in the middle of a growing trend, noted succinctly by Jenn Webb on O’Reilly media, reporting on some recent Latitude Research that says it clearly:  Audiences want to be part of the story.

She goes on to cite Martin Bryant at The Next Web commenting on Latitude’s new project The Future of Storytelling. The group interviewed 158 pioneers in the media space to find out just how audiences want to experience stories in the future. Bryant reports that respondents’ “key demands are summarized in Latitude’s report as ‘The 4 I’s’: Immersion, Interactivity, Integration and Impact.”

Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs' Future InsightsSteve Jobs & the World of Mobile NFC-empowered book gets very close to this model in the way it delivers “insights for the future” and logics them out, byte by byte.  By exploring how Jobs’ specifically innovated in the mobile space, the whole constellation of iPhone, iPad, iTunes and i-Life, Meyers wants to answer the question: what does the DNA of an innovator look like?  Here are four ways that Meyers attempts to deliver a book that enables other students of Jobs’ ‘Innovator DNA’ to take action.

Immersion and Interactivity

Meyers wants to immerse you in his insights about Jobs’ insights.  In both the hardcover and the iPad/Kindle versions, the book comes to life with pop-up points that you touch or “snack on” (NFC) or snap (QR code) that bring up videos and content from Steve Jobs, his Stanford commencement speech, the “Different Ones” memorial video narrated by him, plus an array of future focused innovations, examples of mobile apps showcased in situ and beyond.

Meyers’ ongoing passion for marketing and tech get fused together in the book’s experiential content.  It models its message, serving as a learn by doing platform.   This experience is delivered using Near Field Communication or NFC (on Thinaire). Thinaire, where Meyer serves as CMO, is the first ever NFC Enterprise Marketing Suite that does not require an app and simply involves smartphone touch on the corner of the book (every major brand has NFC phones rolling out except Apple which is expected to come with a related technology soon). Smartrac is the manufacturer of the book’s NFC/RFID technology.   All these opportunities to tap and snap into other experiential zones and content are around the corner.  Patrick Meyers shows how Jobs led the way.


To mark the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Patrick Meyers is launching the kind of all out integrated communications campaign he was famous for during this tenure as Director of Marketing for The Coca-Cola Co. (The book is a 2-in-1 bonus book:“Apps: The Inside Scoop”) is an iBook on iTunes, a hardcover and a Kindle at, as an e-book at Barnes & Noble and for KOBO.  Patrick Meyer will be doing a media, university and Fortune 500 tour and keynote speaking around Steve Jobs and using his still emerging insights for the future.


Finally, the book is an unabashed giveback to young people.  All profits from the book will be donated to help college students follow in Steve Jobs’ footsteps. Meyer helped found the Villanova Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Center and The Meyer I.C.E. Award, an annual award given both in an honorary and financial way to help emerging college graduates to follow in the Apple visionary’s footsteps.  Most recently a memorial ICE award was given to Steve Jobs to celebrate his lifetime of creative and innovative excellence, and Meyer has set up as a public thank you site.

Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs' Future InsightsMeyers says: “The book is my thank you to Steve Jobs and a give back to the world. It is dedicated to helping nurture creativity and innovation, which should be part of every college student’s thought process if they want to succeed in today’s 3.0 world.”

The world misses Steve Jobs and his creativity and passion.  Maybe Patrick’s book will help us miss him a little less, and more importantly, learn from his brilliance to innovate in the seemingly infinite mobile lane in our own lives.

image credit: Trey Ratcliff, ©

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Julie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and the executive editor and co-founder of Innovation Excellence. The co-author of three books, she’s working on a fourth on courage and innovation. She worked with Tom Peters for five years on bringing big ideas to big audiences. Now she works with the US Military, Healthcare, Manufacturing and other high test innovation cultures that make a difference.

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2 Responses to Beyond the Issacson Bio – Steve Jobs’ Future Insights

  1. Tom McDermott says:

    Wow. Patrick Meyer has nailed it again! This book gives you the tools on how to navigate the mobile through a Steve Jobs lens as if he were there. This is a must read if you want to leverage mobile in your private or professional life.
    Good reading!

  2. Joan Holman says:

    Fantastic article, Julie! And congratulations to Patrick Meyer on the creation of a simply amazing book that embodies the future of publishing. As a Steve Jobs/Apple fangirl, I believe we have to much to learn from the legacy left by one of the world’s greatest innovators. Thank you Patrick for keeping Steve alive in our minds and lives and helping us follow in his footsteps.

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