Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012

Top 50 Innovation TweetersWe thought it would be a fun summer activity to pull together a list of the top innovation personalities and information sharers on twitter. We knew we follow a lot of great innovation people on twitter (including a lot of the great Innovation Excellence authors) and we were curious to see who you follow or who you think people should investigate to learn more about. We received lots of nominations, mixed them together with some of our favorites and compiled them into a list to share back with you.

So without further delay, here in no particular order is a list of some of our Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012:

You can see them as a Twitter list here:!/IXchat/top-innovation-tweeters/members

Of course we invite you to follow Innovation Excellence on Twitter where we tweet as @ixchat

And to encourage your favorite tweeters (or yourself) to contribute articles to the world’s most popular innovation web site – Innovation Excellence – or to advertise (starting from $100/week). :-)

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is a popular innovation speaker, embeds innovation across the organization with innovation training, and builds B2B pull marketing strategies that drive increased revenue, visibility and inbound sales leads. He is currently advising an early-stage fashion startup making jewelry for your hair and is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. He tweets from @innovate.

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32 Responses to Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012

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  2. bry says:

    @Nicobry delivers a genuine angle on rapid innovation in his blog

  3. Darrell says:

    Thanks, I just did a check of a few people on this list and it is a great list. You have my vote just for having knowledge of all these people involved with the various aspects of innovation.

  4. Definitely a valuable list. In the open innovation corner of the innovation Twitterscape, @Openinno is worth checking out as well. Four of the people on the above list helped to build it!
    Cathryn Hrudicka (@creativesage)
    Julian Keith Loren (@jkloren)
    Jose Briones (@brioneja)
    Renee Hopkins (@renee_hopkins)

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  6. Ralph says:

    @wildcat2030 is mainly good fresh food.

  7. Great list Braden, I follow most of these bloggers for insight and content for my company’s Twitter stream. It’s amazing how many good resources are out there in the Twitter-scape! I’d add in @business_design though, Alex’s #bmgen concept is awesome!

  8. Braden Kelley says:

    I could definitely have done more than fifty. There were a lot of great nominations. Thank you to everyone who took the time to add a comment to the nominations article or send me one via twitter.

    Keep innovating! :-)


  9. Looks like you didn’t include any companies or organizations on the list. Worth a separate listing?

    • Braden Kelley says:

      Hello Todd,

      I definitely weighted this list towards the individual. We could look at doing a Top 20 Innovation Tweeting Companies in August. That would give companies time to get serious and start tweeting some Innovation Excellence articles or submitting contributions from their thought leaders to run in the pages of Innovation Excellence. ;-)

      Or to share any other innovation-related content they might create or find. :-)


      • Good to hear, Braden! I’ll encourage the orgs I know to get (or keep) the ball rolling there!

      • Respectful food for thought, Braden…If Innovation Excellence wants to create a meaningful award that recognizes the valuable social media contributions of innovation practitioners — an award that propels the industry forward — it might be beneficial to outline objective (quantitative) award selection criteria. You might also consider open innovation crowdsourcing votes rather than simply posting your own subjective short list. Please let me know if RE:INVENTION can be of help!


  10. Christian says:

    Great list! Definitively going to follow some of these.

    For those focussing on mass customization and/or open innovation I recommend @masscustom (Frank Piller). Pretty frequent tweets and also info about news on his blog about the topic!

    Keep innovating!


  11. What a great list, delighted to be on it. The innovation community continues to grow and grow and you can certainly find such great, stimulating content so thanks to everybody that does bother, we all contribute to making it more vibrant and valuable to our own learning and application. Thanks Braden and the IX team for giving us the platform for the ‘voice of innovation’

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  14. Darcy says:

    It would be great if this was actually a Twitter list!

    • Good suggestion.

      I’ve created a twitter list here:!/IXchat/top-innovation-tweeters/members

      I may tweak the Top 50 List as there are a few names I’m having second thoughts about.

      If there are people you think should’ve made the list, add their names here everyone and I’ll consider them…


  15. It would have been wonderful to have a brief explanation as to how or why these individuals are considered “innovators.” For many looking at this list, the rationale is completely undecipherable. A wise person will not merely take the blogger’s word for it and add these individuals to their Twitter accounts as innovators.

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  17. Gregg Fraley says:

    Delighted to have made this august (in August) list. Great information from all these peeps…


  18. Kamal Hassan says:

    I’m honored to be on this list and am looking forward to more closely following others here on Twitter. I added all from this list to my ‘Innovation Leaders’ Twitter list.

    Kamal Hassan

  19. Braden Kelley says:

    Made a few minor changes. Apologies to those who were dropped and congratulations to those who were added!


  20. Gary Schirr says:

    What a wonderful list!

    I already follow most of the people on the list and will now correct the omissions. I am also honored, surprised and very very pleased to be included on the list.

    Thanks for this and your continuing good work for innovation.

    - Gary

  21. Sheila says:

    A bit of a description for each person would have helped.

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  26. Alison McDonough says:

    Can I suggest They are a bit biased towards corporate innovation, patent reform and innovation technologies. But as a manager, they ‘talk’ to the challenges I have managing an innovation team.

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