Clinton and Hult Tackle Global Innovation

Clinton and Hult Tackle Global InnovationThe Hult Global Case Challenge, supported by the Clinton Global Initiative, is the world’s largest crowdsourcing platform for social good.

Last week, IX global correspondent Patrick Meyer was on hand to cover its secret weapon, the one that all innovators want more of: leverage. Hult is not actually interested in a contest for graduate students, though that’s what this is. Hult is interested in a forcemultiplier: a movement that engages young minds on the biggest thorniest problems and seeks to create a lifelong shift in the way the next generation thinks about social issues.

The third annual global challenge event that culminated in New York last month showcased the elegance of leverage writ large: thousands of students competed across five cities and online, representing over 130 countries and six continents in one of three tracks to address the intractable: Global Poverty: Education, Energy and Housing. Among those in attendance were President Bill ClintonNobel Peace Prize Winner and Founder of Grameen Bank, Professor Muhammad Yunus; former NY Governor Mario Cuomo; and Dr. Hitendra Patel, Hult Professor of Innovation and the Managing Director of the Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership (IXL Center). That’s why we asked our Global Correspondent to cover it.

Through what has become the world’s largest crowd-sourcing initiative dedicated to solving global social challenges, the Hult Global Case Challenge seeks ideas and solutions from the world’s best and brightest future business leaders that will cause a step-change in the vicious global poverty cycle.

The model of the challenge also uses leverage: the Hult Global Case Challenge is architected to be held simultaneously around the world through a multi-tiered, international competition platform. Through a call for applicants, teams will be selected to compete at one of five international cities: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. A sixth site was facilitated virtually, via Facebook, for those participants whose economic means restrict them from attending one of the five physical competitions. -Julie Anixter, Executive Editor

PatrickTV takes you inside “The Challenge” now:

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  1. Jouko Suhonen says:

    I have an exceptional business plan and R&D plan to help children to stay healthy. I’d need support in partnering and financing. Whom should I contact? I am willing to relocate except to any of those countries which promote tax avoidance and evasion. My plan is very intriguing, to whom should I send it for review?

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