Voting CLOSED – Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011

Voting Open - Top 40 Innovation BloggersVoting is now open in the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers Contest hosted by Innovation Excellence.

If you’re a first time visitor to Innovation Excellence, we have over 3,700 articles on site with the aim to make innovation and marketing insights available for the greater good. Please check out our search feature, jump to a category, or try a random post or two at the bottom.

People who vote (or who nominated someone) will be entered into the prize drawings for a range of great prizes (more than $3,000 worth), including:

  1. 2 signed copies of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire by Braden Kelley – priceless
  2. 1 ticket to the Front End of Innovation Europe (February 27-29, 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland) – $3,000+ value

Voting is open from December 24-30, 2011 (one vote per person please). Polls will close at midnight GMT on December 30, 2011. You can vote in one of these two ways:

  1. Add a blog comment ON THIS POST with your favorite innovation blogger’s name
  2. Send a twitter @reply to @ixchat with your favorite innovation blogger’s name.
  3. More prizes TBD

The official Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011 and the contest winners will then be announced on Innovation Excellence on December 31, 2011 after the voting and judging components are complete.

We’re curious to see who you think is worth reading.

Here are the nominees (in alphabetical order):

  • Adam Hartung
  • Andrea Meyer
  • Andrew O’Connell
  • Bill Fischer
  • Bob Eckert
  • Boris Pluskowski
  • Braden Kelley
  • Brett King
  • Caspar van Rijnbach
  • Chuck Frey
  • David Armano
  • Dean DeBiase
  • Deborah Mills-Scofield
  • Dennis Stauffer
  • Donna Sturgess
  • Drew Boyd
  • Drew Marshall
  • Frank Mattes
  • Gary Hamel
  • Geovanny Romero
  • Gianluigi Cuccureddu
  • Gijs van Wulfen
  • Glen Stansberry
  • Helen Walters
  • Holly G Green
  • Hutch Carpenter
  • Idris Mootee
  • James Gardner
  • James Todhunter
  • Jay Terwilliger
  • Jeff De Cagna
  • Jeffrey Baumgartner
  • Jeffrey Phillips
  • Jerry McColgin
  • Jim Clemmer
  • John Persico
  • John Steen
  • Jorge Barba
  • Jose Baldaia
  • Julie Anixter
  • Kamal Hassan
  • Kay Plantes
  • Kevin McFarthing
  • Kevin Roberts
  • Krisztina Holly
  • Kurt Frenier
  • LeAnna J Carey
  • Maria Paula Oliveira
  • Marty Baker
  • Matt Heinz
  • Matthew E May
  • Max McKeown
  • Melba Kurman
  • Mike Brown
  • Mike Masnick
  • Mike Myatt
  • Mike Shipulski
  • Mitch Ditkoff
  • Moises Norena
  • Nicolas Bry
  • Patrick Lefler
  • Paul Hobcraft
  • Paul Sloane
  • Paul Williams
  • Paul R Williams
  • Peter Bergman
  • Phil McKinney
  • Ralph Christian-Ohr
  • Robert F Brands
  • Robert Tucker
  • Rocco Tarasi
  • Rowan Gibson
  • Sarah Miller Caldicott
  • Saul Kaplan
  • Scott Anthony
  • Seth Godin
  • Stefan Lindegaard
  • Stephen Shapiro
  • Steve McKee
  • Steve Todd
  • Tim Kastelle
  • Tom Peters
  • Venessa Miemis
  • Ville Miettinen
  • Yann Cramer

If your favorite is missing, then e-mail us their name and URL using the contact form or by tweeting it to @ixchat, but starting in the middle of the voting they will face an extra challenge.

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Editor’s Note: Conference tickets are for conference admission only and are ultimately at the discretion of the conference organizers to grant. Travel and any other expenses for attending the conference are the responsibility of the winner. All deadlines are midnight GMT on the day mentioned.

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. Braden is also the editor of Innovation Excellence, a popular innovation speaker and trainer, and advises companies on connecting with their customers and embedding innovation across the organization.

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384 Responses to Voting CLOSED – Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011

  1. Uma Miller says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  2. dani cali says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  3. mary foxen says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  4. marta kepes says:

    Mitch Ditkoff!!!

  5. Rita Rubinlong says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  6. Rossana Denegri says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  7. Eduardo Vazquez says:

    Geovanny Romero

  8. eve ridoux says:

    i vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  9. Paul R. Williams says:

    Jeffrey Phillips

  10. Alison Broadbent says:

    Mitch Ditkoff rocks!

  11. dante ribeiro says:

    Mitch Ditkoff :-) ))

  12. maryjane fahey says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  13. paddy noble says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  14. Debbie M says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  15. Dave Livingstone says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  16. paul luif says:

    mitch ditkoff

  17. Allen Feld says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is my choice. Thank you.

  18. Chantal Andree Berclaz says:

    Voting for Mitch Ditkoff.
    Let’s roll the red carpet!

  19. Mary Reinkemeyer says:

    Mike Brown Brainzooming

  20. Cyndi Brown says:

    Gotta vote for Mike Brown of Brainzooming!

  21. patricia barrett says:

    mitch ditkoff

  22. Carlos Saraiva says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  23. David Van Tieghem says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  24. Chris Powers says:

    Mike Brown

  25. K Laidlaw says:

    Mitch Ditkoff : blogger extraordinaire

  26. Amanda A says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  27. Gayla Amend says:

    Mike Brown- “Brainzooming”

  28. Mojca Turman says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  29. Shane Ashesha Conroy says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is a winner for me…gets my vote every time!!!

  30. Brad Lang says:

    Mike Brown — Brianzooming

  31. Roger Garvert says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  32. Thom Holland says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  33. Bill Salokar says:

    Mike Brown at Brainzooming

  34. Heather Turiello says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  35. Alisha Templeton says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  36. Jim O'Brien says:

    Mitch Ditkoff gets my vote as best blog innovator; he’s cool, insightful, funny, and often irreverently profound.

  37. Sherri Meagher says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  38. Dave Pierson says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  39. Dave Pierson says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming !

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  41. Annie Lawrason says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  42. Barry Ollman says:

    Mitch Ditkoff!

  43. Glen Whittaker says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  44. Barrett Sydnor says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  45. Jan Buchalter says:

    Mitch Ditkoff’s consistency of wit and wisdom is the number one vote.
    He deserves our collective congratulations for his outstanding wealth of brilliant compilations,

  46. Diane Pacheco says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming rocks

  47. Howard Mason says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  48. Rachel says:

    Mike Ditkoff – he’s excellent!

  49. Xavier Romero says:

    Geovanny Romero

  50. David Walker says:

    Mike Brown

  51. Burrill Crohn says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – Champion of Ideas!

  52. purusothaman says:

    Mike Brown @Brainzooming

  53. E plompen says:

    Gijs van Wulfen

  54. Milivoj Krkovic says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  55. Corina Ghiorghita says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff.

  56. Sjoerd de Waal says:

    Mitch Ditkoff, for his never stopping stream of interesting articles

  57. Kofi Hagan says:

    Mitch Ditkoff’s posts always conveys something new,innovative and compelling. He deserves to be awarded the prize.

    Kofi Hagan

  58. Robert Lenferink says:

    Gijs van Wulfen

  59. David r bachinsky says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  60. My vote goes to Mitch Ditkoff

  61. michiel rosmolen says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach

  62. Antonio Cordeiro says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach is the Blogger that I am voting.

  63. Antonio Cordeiro says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach is the name of the Blogger that I am voting.

  64. Lynne Bone says:

    Mike Brown!!!!

  65. Sharon Guthrie says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  66. Carmen says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach!! He’s the best innovation blogger!

  67. Carmen says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach!

  68. Carmen says:

    Carmen van Rijnbach

  69. Wouter says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach

  70. Galen Gottschalk says:

    Mike Brown

  71. Galen Gottschalk says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  72. Tim O'Connell says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog — intriguing ideas, clever commentary, outstanding perspective daily. One of my favorite reads.

  73. Mark Bannister says:

    Mike Brown

  74. I vote for Mitch Ditkoff, a great motivational speaker!

  75. God says:

    By the ruling of my divine right, Mitchell Ditkoff shall win this title.

  76. Señor Filipé Santiago-Vasquez-Jimenez-Lopez-Meñez III says:

    Mitchell Ditkoff es la mejor!

  77. Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  78. Jeff Bollig says:

    Mike Brown

  79. Anthony W Lowman says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  80. Kelly Scanlon says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming.

  81. Brad Barash says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  82. Paula Holmquist says:

    Mike Brown for best blogger!

  83. Sheryl Keller says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  84. Otto van der Veen says:

    Gijs van Wulfen

  85. Rohan Hine says:

    Tim Kastelle – height , breadth and depth.

  86. Melissa Tomlen says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  87. Dick Mandemaker says:

    Gijs van Wulfen

  88. Dick Mandemaker says:

    Gins van Wulfen

  89. Mitch Ditkoff get my vote for innovative blogger.

    Mitch as a leader of innovation, influences the web and the lives of the people who connect to his blog. He blogs on an astounding range of topics with a sense of humble humour that I find refreshing and intriquing. Mitch mixes up the media to bring a variety of messages and messaging for his audience. Mitch is the man!

  90. Mariana says:

    Stefan Lindegaard

  91. Maria Paula Oliveira says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach is the man!

  92. Paul Roth says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

    Mitch has the most informative innovation blog. He is by far the best I know at producing real results for clients. He and his team not only unlock people’s creativity, they also install training programs that ensure sustainability. He is fun. The work is engaging and exciting for executives and managers at all levels of an organization. His blog is very giving on all of these subjects.

  93. Peggy Atwood says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  94. Susan Benway says:


  95. Susan Benway says:


  96. Mitch Ditkoff says:

    I voted for Mitch…

  97. Susan Benway says:

    Mitch Ditkoff !

  98. pedro says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  99. Neil Ratner says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  100. Denae Hawkins says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  101. Geoffrey says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  102. Kelly Craft says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming.

  103. Leann Ratner says:

    Mitch Ditkoff for sure!!!!

  104. Neil Ratner says:

    Vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  105. Bernard Brown says:

    I vote for Mike Brown….the BEST

  106. Leann Ratner says:

    vote for Mike Brown

  107. Phyllis Beilman Brown says:

    Mike Brown is the best blogger

  108. andrea gomig says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  109. Cheri Tabel says:

    Mike Brown!

  110. Beverly DiCarlo says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  111. Linda Barker says:

    I vote for Dennis Stauffer

  112. Hondo says:

    I vote for Dennis Stauffer

  113. DH says:

    vote for Dennis Stauffer

  114. Mike Brown — Brainzooming

  115. Chez says:

    Dennis Stauffer

  116. H. van Rijnbach says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach for real innovations !

  117. Gaye says:

    Dennis Stauffer – his blog delivers good informatino!

  118. Maureen says:

    Dennis Stauffer

  119. Lori La Bey says:

    I vote …. Dennis Stauffer!

  120. Dineke Kleyn says:

    Gijs is a very innovative and inspiring person through his blogs.

  121. Mike Brown at @brainzooming is outstanding — he gets my vote

  122. Cathy Perme says:

    Dennis Stauffer!

  123. Stuart Gray says:

    Dennis Stauffer

    PS- Great Speaker Too!

  124. nathan brenowitz says:

    i vote for Mitch Ditikoff

  125. Mitchell Ditkoff gets my vote.

  126. JAmes Wallace says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  127. A worthy winner — imaginative, warm-hearted, sincere, brilliant and unceasingly creative.

  128. Glenna Dumey says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  129. Hey everyone: Some people who have voted for me have written MY name in the “Name” field under “LEAVE A REPLY” so it looks like the comment is coming from ME (which it is not). Please know I have only voted for myself ONCE and I am certainly not writing my own praises. That would be a bit funky from my point of view. Good luck everyone!

  130. SteveW says:

    I like Mitch, Mitch Ditkoff that is.

  131. Gail Browne says:

    Mitch Ditkoff of course!

  132. Marci K says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  133. audrey thomas says:

    My vote is for Dennis Stauffer.

  134. I vote for MITCH DITKOFF.

  135. Ted Levitt says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  136. Liz says:

    Voting for Robert Brands

  137. Sophia Shi says:

    My vote is for Robert F. Brands.

  138. Mitch Ditkoff, of course!

  139. Eric Steinberger says:

    Who is this Mitch Ditkoff? Robert F Brands is who you should be voting for

  140. Alex Robert says:


  141. Dante Care says:

    I vote for Robert Brands – Amazing innovation knowledge and great speaker

  142. Joyce says:

    Mike Brown – aka @Brainzooming

  143. Karl Sprague says:

    Robert Brands!!

  144. Dee McCrorey says:

    Robert Brands has my vote for #1!

  145. RUBI MARTÍNEZ says:

    I vote for Geovanny Romero @IXchat !!!
    He’s the BEST!

  146. Mac Knowles says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  147. Julio Pinera says:

    Gins van Wulfen.
    great innovation insights not only “daily funny lists”

  148. Mimsy Bouret says:

    Mitchell DItkoff AKA Ditty.

  149. Jack Bos says:

    Gijs van Wulfen

    Is through his blog innovative an as a person very inspiring!
    He has to win!!

  150. Julie Raptis says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  151. Robert Bofshever says:

    I vote for Robert Brands. A great speaker

  152. Terri Vetter says:

    I vote for Dennis Stauffer

  153. I vote for Robert Brands. Great ideas and evaluating tools

  154. Stevie Ray says:

    One vote for Dennis Stauffer.

  155. Samuel Cabral says:

    I vote for Robert Brands. He is outstanding.

  156. Judy Schmoeger says:

    I vote for Mike Brown, he awakens my creative mind every morning.

  157. Mary Geisz says:

    I vote for Mike Brown

  158. Aubrey Blankenship says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  159. Mary Geisz says:

    Mike Brown @Brainzooming blog

  160. Chuck Quistad says:

    Dennis Stauffer

  161. Kent Katterheinrich says:

    Dennis Stauffer @ Innovator Mindset

  162. Dattatreya Banavara says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is the best innovation blogger I have seen. His articles are full of substance.

  163. One of my favorites is Mike Brown @Brainzooming

  164. max utsler says:

    Mike Brown

  165. Bettina says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – Go Mitch!!

  166. Bettina says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – Inspiring

  167. Ali Downing says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  168. Mike Brown of Brainzooming

  169. Swati Bhattacharya says:

    Mike Brown, Brainzooming

  170. Don Foust says:

    Mike Brown- Brainzooming

  171. Mike Brown!!! The Best!!!

  172. Lori Schade says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  173. Mike Brown – Brainzooming of course!!! Hands down the best.

  174. Paul Marshall says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  175. Sandra says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – Idea Champions. He’s great!

  176. Peggy Lim says:

    Mike Brown Brainzooming blog

  177. Birger Pohl says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – 4 sure!

  178. Mike Brown — Brainzooming!

  179. BoB Templeton says:

    Mike Brown gets my vote !!

  180. lucky says:

    i vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  181. Stan Meyers says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  182. Mike Burns (@wrytir) says:

    I’m voting for Mike Brown of Brainzooming!

  183. David Svet says:

    Mike Brown at Brainzooming

  184. MSP says:

    Mike Brown!

  185. Michelle McManus says:

    Mike Brown Brainzooming.

  186. MSP says:

    Mike Brown

  187. Giovanni Suero says:

    My vote is for Adam Hartung.

  188. D. DuBose says:

    Adam Hartung

  189. My vote is for Mike Brown!

  190. Tom Schad says:

    Gotta vote for Mike Brown and Brainzooming!

  191. I vote for Mike Brown of Brainzooming. Start almost every morning with a cup of coffee and Mike’s blog as a professional, and sometimes personal reflection for the day. Wish it posted even earlier in the a.m.!

  192. Mary Wishard says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  193. Ken Billinger says:

    Voting for Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  194. Patsy Marnandus says:

    I vote for Mike Brown

  195. Louis Stanford says:

    Adam Hartung

  196. Kerstin Burns says:

    Definitely Mike Brown of Brainzooming!

  197. Kim Fox says:

    Mike Brown OK

  198. Dennis Stauffer gets my vote. Two thumbs up!

  199. mike fuchs says:

    Mike Brown – without a doubt

  200. Theresa Antell says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming. Consistently brilliant.

  201. Spencer says:

    Adam Hartung

  202. Serge Destruel says:

    Stefan Lindegaard

  203. Becky Johnston says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  204. CJ Turner says:

    Adam Hartung

  205. Patrick Sallee says:

    Mike Brown!

  206. Matt Fox says:

    I voe for Mike Brown #1

  207. Andrew Sims says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  208. Marci K says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff.

  209. I vote for Dennis Stauffer

  210. Dave Brand says:

    I vote for Mike Brown. I appreciate all the great posts he shares through his Brainzooming blog!

  211. Matt M says:

    Mike Brown

  212. Miguel B says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  213. Kurt Frenier says:

    My vote goes to Idris Mootee.

  214. Robert De La Rosa says:

    Hutch Carpenter

  215. Julia Barnett says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  216. Zena Weist says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  217. I like Mitch Ditkoff a lot. He gets my vote.

  218. Frans says:

    My vote goes to Gianluigi Cuccureddu for his interesting articles about Open Business and the future of doing business.

  219. Donald Shimoda says:

    Can’t beat Gianluigi Cuccureddu ;-)

  220. Ronald Frank says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  221. Roberto do Valle says:

    My vote goes for Caspar Van Rijnbach.

  222. Ana Sena says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach

  223. Raichen Berg says:

    Paul Williams – Think For A Change Blog

  224. Geeske Bakker says:

    I vote for Gianluigi Cuccureddu

  225. Dave Shellabarger says:

    •Dennis Stauffer

  226. Vicki Une says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  227. Jean says:

    Gotta vote for Mike Brown of Brainzooming!

  228. Cindy M says:

    Mike Brown

  229. Cate Woodruff says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  230. Cate Woodruff says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff. His postings are constantly clever, refreshing, informative and most often quite funny!!!

  231. Lynnea Brinkerhoff says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff, Innovator Extraordinaire!
    The real deal….lives and breathes it….
    One of a kind…..
    Yay! Universe picks Mitchell!
    Go forth and prosper good man

  232. Simon Kuo says:

    Mike Brown of Brainzooming

  233. Henry Wyman says:

    Mitch Ditkof Top Bloger

  234. I vote for Mitch Ditkoff.

  235. Tony Vannicola says:

    My vote is for Mike Brown

  236. Lisa Hart says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  237. Cory Christensen says:

    Mike Brown. Innovator among Innovators.

  238. Jon Lloyd says:

    Mitchell Lewis Ditkoff

  239. P. says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  240. HM Waters says:

    Mitch Ditkoff.

  241. Janet Averwater says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  242. Danette Michaels says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  243. Judy Schmoeger says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  244. rolan says:

    Mitch’s blog entries are always fascinating and stimulating but best of all they are inspiring. I always know that Mitch is going to bring a new insight or compelling story to the table. Mitch is King.

  245. k olson says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  246. ac says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is the best!

  247. Simone Werth says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzomming Blog

  248. Simone Werth says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming Blog

  249. Tara Liz Driscoll says:

    Mitch is the man with the goods.
    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff

  250. Sue Geneske says:

    Paul R. Williams

  251. Michael P says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  252. Celia Jennings says:

    Mitch Ditkoff please – I love the breadth of his work, and the humour too

  253. Hans Blankenburgh says:

    Caspar van Rijnbach is defintely the innovation blogger of the year, with decades of knowledge of innovation in both European as emerging markets !

  254. Lori Dahan says:

    Mitch Ditkoff! He is beyond brilliant!

  255. Gareth Bradley says:

    James Gardner

  256. Jim Joseph says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming!!!

  257. Jennifer Lusher says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming

  258. Julie Boyle says:

    Mike Brown’s Brainzooming Blog. Thanks for keeping the innovative ideas coming, Mike!

  259. Don Bickle Jr says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog

  260. Millie says:

    Mike Brown!

  261. Nancy Seroka says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  262. Claudio Scaramelli says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  263. Henry Reif says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  264. Bob says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  265. doug stuke says:

    Mitch Ditkoff- for his lethally invigorating cocktail of practical and tactical solutions that really work to his Hunter S. Thompsonesque insights that engage, incite and inspire new thinking.

  266. Luisa Baldaia says:

    Jose Baldaia

  267. Mike Lyman says:

    Mike Brown – Brainzooming blog- always fresh, strategic and good perspectives that can be put to use.

  268. will spencer says:

    mitch ditkoff

  269. Karl Berger says:

    Mitch Ditkoff for best blogger. Who else ?

  270. Lara says:

    Paul Williams at Idea Sanbox

  271. Shelly Eveland says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  272. Steve says:

    Paul Williams from Ideasandbox – great stuff!

  273. Paul Williams…Idea Sandbox…THE BEST!!!

  274. Erin Williams says:

    Paul Williams of Idea Sandbox !

  275. Erin Williams says:

    Mitch Ditkoff – Heart of the Matter

  276. R L says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  277. Monika says:

    Mitch Ditcoff -BRAVO!!!

  278. Paul James says:

    Idea Sandbox and Paul Williams continues to be the most innovative, helpful site for new and inventive ideas

  279. Peter Panzarino says:

    Mitch Ditkoff. Ditty da man!

  280. Barb Cernak says:

    Mitch Ditkoff of course — a world-class innovator,par excellence!

  281. Ilfra Halley says:

    Mitch Ditkoff….without doubt a brilliant innovator of ideas who has the unique skill of weaving humor, insight,fresh juicy wording that capture attention and keep it.

    Mitch looks to the core of any situation and envisions a pathway to accomplish the goal with a surgeon’s precision. This allows clients to save time and money.

  282. Danita Bye says:

    Mitchell Ditkoff is the best innovation blogger hands down. Kudos from Lou Freeman

  283. Lou Freeman says:

    Mitchell Ditkoff is the best innovation blogger hands down. Kudos from Lou Freeman

  284. Thomas Choi says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  285. Jeff S. says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  286. Kathya says:

    Mitch Ditkoff rocks!!

  287. Chris Tardieu says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  288. Jim Wallen says:

    Paul Williams

  289. I vote for Mitch Ditkoff!!!!!!! One of the funniest and most insightful guys around.

  290. Salik says:

    Robert Brands

  291. Sena Hagedorn says:

    Mike Brown-Brainzooming!

  292. Sushila Wood says:

    Mitch Ditkoff should win!

  293. Mitch Ditkoff is the best!!

  294. Alain Brach says:

    I vote for Mitch Ditkoff!

  295. Monika says:

    Paul Williams- Idea Sandbox!

  296. Meredith Jones says:

    Paul Williams- Idea Sandbox!

  297. Cary Bayer says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is more innovative than God. OK, they’re tied. But unless God is one of the top 40, Mitch should win.


    Mike Brown Brainzooming

  299. Joe Belinsky says:


  300. Bob Butcher says:

    Vote for Paul Williams at Idea Sandbox

  301. Holly Gray says:

    Paul Williams – Idea Sandbox….by far, one of the most creative geniuses I have every come in contact with!

  302. Ben B. says:

    My vote is Jose Baldaia … without a doubt . Gives meaning to the word Innovation.

  303. Yoram Weis says:

    Mitch Ditkoff tops it off !

  304. Bob Butcher says:

    PAUL Williams -Idea Sandbox

  305. Robert. Butcher says:

    Paul Williams – Idea Sandbox

  306. Sherry Weinstein says:

    Mitch Ditkoff

  307. Porfirio Dias Santos says:

    José Baldaia is my favorite

  308. Terry Jones says:

    Paul Williams at Ideal Sandbox is the one!!!

  309. Prentiss Uchida says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is the Best of Breed in the Innovation Arena!

  310. Mitch Ditkoff says:

    Mitch Ditkoff is the Best of Breed in the Innovation Arena.

  311. Mitch Ditkoff says:

    Mitch is the best

  312. Mitch Ditkoff says:

    Mitch has helped me discover the innovator that resides in each of us.

  313. Karna Sundby says:

    I want to vote for Mitchell Ditcoff

  314. Braden Kelley says:

    VOTING IS NOW CLOSED – The judging phase now begins – Thank you for all of your votes by comment and tweet

  315. Braden Kelley says:

    The Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2011 list has now been published –

    Thank you for all of your votes!

    Braden Kelley

  316. Great information in this post.

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