Bosch Taking Open Innovation to New Heights

Bosch Taking Open Innovation to New HeightsIncluding an Exclusive Video

Peter Neumann from Bosch, a leading provider of innovative high-quality automotive technology, consumer goods and industrial technology products, presented at a recent meeting of innovation executives at a Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders (BOF) event hosted by Kraft. Mr. Neumann discussed the company’s search for innovators outside the company by launching an open innovation initiative looking for new tool and enhancement ideas.

When discussing the Bosch’s approach to innovation, Neumann states:

“some of the targets and benefits of an innovation strategy: it must be relevant to your users; it must be connected to your business unit strategy; you must have the optimal amount of resources, R&D, etc. to maximize the growth potential of your business; you also need to create an interface and a structure for open innovations to be generated by your associates and outsiders.”

Watch the full presentation below and learn more about how Bosch gives their customers an opportunity to have a role in the evolution of products.

This Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders (BOF) event hosted by Kraft in partnership with Brightidea, a leading social innovation management software provider, provided an interactive, hands-on collaborative experience for leading innovation executives to learn and share experiences to optimize innovation.  To find out more about BOF check out:

A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

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Janelle NobleJanelle Noble is the Digital Marketing Manager at Brightidea and frequently contributes for Brightidea’s corporate blog, Innovation at Work. Follow her on twitter @janelletnoble.

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3 Responses to Bosch Taking Open Innovation to New Heights

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