Edward de Bono on Innovation vs Creativity

People confuse creativity with innovation – Professor Edward de Bono speaks with The Business Voice on how’s it different.

Edward de Bono is the originator of the concept of Lateral Thinking, which is now a part of language enjoying an entry in the Oxford Dictionary.

Dr. de Bono was born in Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, holds an M.A. in psychology and physiology from Oxford, and is a Professor at many leading institutions around the world.

He’s author of many best selling books, and is known as the world’s leading authority on thinking.

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5 Responses to Edward de Bono on Innovation vs Creativity

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  3. Mark Abrahams says:

    To get into this topic I chose to adopt a position of debate opposite to Mr De Bono.
    Accordingly, I say that:
    Innovation is no longer a buzz word … it is now ‘old hat’.

    The new buzz word is ‘advance’ (which can be interpreted as ‘enhance’, ‘move ahead’, ‘evolve’ and a whole lot more besides)

    Innovation is no longer a so called bandwagon – the wagon is now crowded with people who are convincingly thinking that they are anxious and who are seeking, in their framed existence, to survive though still setting out to meet their dreams head on and to thrive. Therefore they are less likely to deliver against their goals because, circumstantially, their win-win aims are not underpinned in this present era full of recessionary challenges and uncertain political leadership.

    The few unobservant people who adopt the ‘so far so good’ approach are those who, selfishly, only care for their own outlook and are doing OK anyway. The majority, lacking a clear vision for the future, are actually thinking ‘so far, so bad’ – and are waiting for someone else to fix things for them, including their thinking. And, if they only knew, they could do so … effortlessly.
    The solutions, in terms of creative problem solving and innovative solutions, are beyond motivation, beyond customer criticism (helpful or unhelpful) and beyond an organisation setting out to come up with something new for its productive application. The solutions will always come down to individuals facilitated to be creative, taking responsibility to be creative and understanding the human experience such that they are able to access the wisdom available to us all but against which we have erected intellectual barriers. What is required is recognition of the innocently misguided thinking that got us in the mess in the first place. Such supported individuals, linked up, working in groups as connected communities, can make the difference many seek, teaching others how to be creative, paying it forward.

    The isolated ‘creative’ achieves nothing, other than ideas (and I know that from personal experience. Please help).

    To facilitate creativity and ‘advance’, the ‘creatives’ should be integrated and funded to advise and develop solutions for the common good.

    To find true innovation the point of attack against an ill-informed intellect, lacking intelligence, is the bandwagon of greed and the man-made systems that prevaricate and enable unhealthy wealth seeking. This is beyond ignorance as the people of the western world have now learned to revere the wealth of so called celebrity, many missing the joy to be found in true pursuit of intelligence and wisdom.
    The true source of innovation is nature. Let’s self-correct to return to human nature which resonates and which leads to realisation of innate health. We were, all of us, born with innate wellbeing and insight. Just think of (or look at) the children you know _ naturally happy and growing until parents and education take us off stream and plug us into a worldwide R&D department which has lost its raison d’être. Think of yourself as a child and recall the joy spent in the world of the unknown or the yet to come. You were great then, You are, like all of us, equally great now.

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