Mind the Change Gap

Are You Innovating at the Speed of Change? The world is changing all around us at an increasing rate, and individuals (and yes organizations too) are struggling to cope with this ever increasing pace of change. In fact, over the last 50 years the average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has dropped from 61 years to… Continue reading

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Reigniting Creativity and Innovation

Here’s an interesting question. Why is it that, while artistic tools have become so advanced and provide artists with the opportunity to become so much more productive, the amount of art and the quality of art produced by artists has dropped so dramatically? What am I talking about? Continue reading

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Isolated innovations are unlikely to make a significant impact on performance unless there is a commensurate change in how the enterprise operates. To create meaningful change, we need to transform the business model. Here’s what you need to know: Continue reading

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Between the Gates, Vol. 4: Beta Test Basics

What value can beta testing provide in a company’s new product development process? How should test programs be designed and managed to maximize strategic business value? How far along should a beta product be before being sent to customers? Continue reading

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I love the scrappy can-do attitude of early-stage companies—simply walk through the doors and the energy is infectious. Their optimism, agility and ingenuity to create something special and new to the world keeps them hyper-focused. Invariably everything is being rapidly prototyped and refined with the latest round of learnings. There is a competitor to beat and an incumbent technology to displace, so… Continue reading

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Finding a Better Word for Innovation

Remember when the word “paradigm” was killed in the dot-com era? How about “synergy” “edgy” or the prefix “e-” – these expressions all died from the same disease: overuse. Now, the word “innovation” has been uttered so many times that it has lost its breath, meaning, and resonance. Do we need to put something else in its place? Continue reading

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What do Mao Zedong, Huawei and WeChat have in common? Their expansion – encirclement – strategy.
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