In large organizations, it is possible for great ideas to come from anywhere and maximize the number of ideas that a development team investigates. But where are you getting your ideas? Continue reading

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Here’s the audio file and transcript from Part 2 of Will Sherlin’s interview with Rowan Gibson, author of “The Four Lenses of Innovation,” on the popular podcast “The Innovation Engine:”

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Aligning innovation within a strategic conversation framework

Innovation stands in service to the strategic goals of our organization, or it certainly should! Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines is an unusual company.  In an industry notorious for losing money, it has achieved over forty consecutive years of profitability. No one else comes close to matching that record.  It makes you wonder why everybody doesn’t just copy their model. Continue reading

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Collaboration, whether with songwriters or musicians, galvanized a single idea, turning into a massive alchemical expression with more creative power than an individual has to offer. Continue reading

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Innovation is necessary when it comes to thriving and surviving in business, but not every organization is ready to really do what it takes to innovate. Jacqueline Zhou goes over four common hurdles that organizations must tackle before they are truly ready to begin their journey of innovation. Continue reading

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Not One But Two New Innovation Podcasts

Have you encountered the wealth of free information available in the form of audio (and sometimes video) podcasts for your listening pleasure and education? New this year are two podcasts specifically for innovators and product managers. Continue reading

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