Innovation like a Pilgrim

Scott Bowden investigates and shares how the Pilgrims voage to America yields lessons for the modern-day innovation practitioner. Continue reading

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There are many reasons why people say ideas are worthless…Take two companies with a similar idea, Google and AltaVista, one is the multibillion dollar envy of the tech world, the other a broke, wound up company bought out by Yahoo. The difference? Continue reading

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In the “How to Innovate…Strategically” paper, we examine how and when to use four common approaches to innovation, and which companies excel at each. We uncover the limitations and the challenges when implementing each method, and the top supporting tools for each approach. Continue reading

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Top 100 Most Innovative Universities Across the Globe - Innovation Excellence

Farzad H. Eskafi shares insights from Reuters Top 100 Most Innovative Universities Across the Globe. Continue reading

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Building a Global Sensing Network - Updated

When I first wrote about Building a Global Sensing Network I wrote in the specific context of the war for innovation and the need to make sure you’re fighting it outside your organization — not inside. We looked at how most organizations… Continue reading

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We sat down with Craig Swann, a well respected digital music innovator and the founder of Looplabs, a new collaboration platform that he calls the “Google Docs” of music that is disrupting music studios and allowing individuals to make music in a whole new way. The interview and your chance to make your own loops follows… Continue reading

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How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 1 - Innovation Excellence

The term “Fuzzy Front-End” (FFE) has been established for the early stage of innovation which determines the innovation effectiveness and hence ultimately innovation success. We wanted to better understand where leading firms are setting their priorities in the FFE currently and where they see things going in the future. To answer this, we conducted a study. Our train of thought and the main findings are in a two-part article series published here. Continue reading

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