Why Big Organizations Are Broken

Today, according to Gallup, we’ve lost our faith in large institutions, including government, religious organizations and labor unions (though we never had much faith in big business). Many attribute this trend to high profile scandals and the financial crisis, but the reality is that the decline is longstanding. In truth, large organizations are fundamentally broken. Continue reading

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Capturing market share in developing countries requires creating new products with winning value propositions, but it’s easy to get bogged down in details. Here’s how a design-to-value approach can help. Continue reading

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Communities need a place to call their own. A place to maximize serendipity. Continue reading

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Collective agility seems to require loose coupling, not heavy structures or rules, encouraging a culture of improvisation and constant ‘tinkering’ that comes from not just intelligence, trust and pragmatism but by the knowledge that lies within the community. Continue reading

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clarity is king

It all starts and ends with clarity. There’s not much to it, really. You strip away all the talk and get right to the work you’re actually doing. Not the work you should do, want to do, or could do. The only thing that matters is the work you are doing right now. And when you get down to it, it’s a short list. Continue reading

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State and local governments, along with business associations, are feeling increased pressure to find new ways to foster regional growth through innovation. Continue reading

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Land the Product Manager Job You Want

Most of us understand that innovation is enormously important. It’s the only insurance against irrelevance. It’s the only guarantee of long-term customer loyalty. It’s the only strategy for out-performing a dismal economy. Continue reading

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