Leading Innovation

This presentation shows how to create a culture of innovation in a fast and digital world. Continue reading

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Time for Digital Transformation is Now

The pace of change is accelerating. Much has changed since we all started to dial in with our modems and connect to online services like America Online or Compuserve and eventually directly onto the Internet and the World Wide Web. Elements of our digital world continue to invade our language and our consciousness. Whether we like it or not the physical world and the digital world, and people are more likely to freak out about leaving their mobile phone at home than their wallet… Continue reading

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Powerful Stimulus Contributes to 12 X More Ideas - Innovation Excellence

Richard Haasnoot presents another in a series of articles about how you can consistently generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming Continue reading

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Are you confused about what innovation really is? If so, it’s probably not surprising. So in an attempt to get a few things off my chest…… Continue reading

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The 4 Pillars of a Successful Ideation Program  - Innovation Excellence

We found 10 useful insights that lead to better ideas that impact the bottom line. Those insights are grouped into four main pillars for managing a successful ideation program Continue reading

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Leader as Innovative Connector - Innovation Excellence

Living and working in the ‘start-up nation,’ within a connected and entrepreneurial culture awakened me to the shift disrupting the networking paradigm. It is now one of the key foundations and enablers of innovative leadership and successful entrepreneurship. Continue reading

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Which are the Most Innovative Companies in the World? - Innovation Excellence

Which are the most innovative companies in the world? There is no way of absolutely measuring levels of innovation but three eminent groups compile different lists using different methods and of course they get different results. Continue reading

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