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Interview with Craig Swann, Music Innovator, on the Launch of LoopLabs

We sat down with Craig Swann, a well respected digital music innovator and the founder of Looplabs, a new collaboration platform that he calls the "Google Docs" of music that is disrupting music studios and allowing individuals to make music in a whole new way. The interview and your chance to make your own loops follows...

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Black Friday’s Innovation Lessons

Black Friday has always struck me as an odd moniker for a major event during the typically cheerful holiday season. In the last few years Black Friday (the huge shopping day after the annual Thursday holiday of the U.S. Thanksgiving Day) has seemingly bec ...

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How to Frame a Problem Using a Challenge Map

All innovation begins by asking questions It is in the attempt to the answer the questions when ideas are generated.  So having the right question in mind becomes essential to ensure the team is pointed in the right direction.  To get to the right questi ...

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Innovate like a Pilgrim

Innovation like a PilgrimThe phrase “Pilgrim Innovation” could appear in the dictionary as an example of the word “oxymoron,” which is defined as two contradictory terms placed next to each other in a single phrase. After all, Pilgrims are often seen as relics of a bygone e ...

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Are All Your Ideas Worth Nothing?

The mantra of ideas being worthless can be heard from all corners of the globe. Venture capitalists back founders and not ideas. In 2009, the entrepreneur and author Seth Godin got the nine of his alternate MBA students to come up with 111 ideas each to crea ...

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How to Innovate Strategically [infographic]

Many organizations have a disciplined approach to innovation, one that may utilize multiple innovation methods in combination. Other companies execute without such a disciplined process. No matter where an organization falls on this spectrum, there are fo ...

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Top 100 Most Innovative Universities Across the Globe

Top 100 Most Innovative Universities Across the Globe - Innovation ExcellenceEarlier this year, Reuters set out to find the top 100 most innovative universities across the globe. See the list here (scroll down to the bottom of the page) with Stanford University, MIT and Harvard University on top. Each candidate university was e ...

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