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Event Recap: Chief Innovation Officer Summit, NYC

This past week, Signals participated in the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC, an event that brought together innovation leaders and experts from organizations from NASA, Kraft, Southwest Airlines, the Philadelphia 76ers and many others in between. Below are some key takeaways of notes...

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Some of Our Contributing Authors

Innovation Lessons from Walt Disney

Innovation Lessons from Walt DisneyAs a young man Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” It was an inauspicious start for a man who went on to be one of America’s most innovative leaders. In 1921, he founded his first animat ...

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USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (2/2)

La Bourse Paris USIUSI new acronym Unexpected Sources of Inspiration kept its promise. Following first part, here's a sum-up of some inspiring and surprising talks. Anne lauvergeon: Innovation 2030 'Atomic Anne' recently handled a commission of experts to complete a report o ...

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What’s Your Innovation Intention?

What’s Your Innovation Intention?If you want to run a brainstorming session to generate a long list of ideas, I’m out. Brainstorming takes the edge off, rounds off the interesting corners and rubs off any texture. If you want me to go away for a while and come back with an idea that can d ...

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The Online Video Consumer – What’s New, What’s Next?

A typical day using the Internet - is this your customer? Think about a typical day using the Internet. What do we look at the most? Today, most people will spend their time watching online videos, whether they are for education, news, sales and ser ...

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Innovation in Technologies for 2015

2015 is fast approaching. Do you have the latest business technologies that are going to take your business through the year and beyond? Here are some of the biggest business technology breakthroughs you need to check out: The Enterprise Mobile Manag ...

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USI 2014, Unexpected Sources of Inspiration (1/2)

USI 2014 futur-en-seine.frUSI new acronym is quite meaningful and demanding: Unexpected Sources of Inspiration. I can say the promise was truly kept this year. Following is a sum-up of some inspiring and surprising talks. Patrick Dixon, Future's vision USI opened June 2014's s ...

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