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Mutual Capitalism – Your Next Innovation Strategy

Cedric Bachellerie explores how looking at strategy through the lens of competition may actually undermine the innovation potential of your company and that an alternative approach based on mutualism opens the door to greater possibilities.

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Two Days Left to Vote for Top Innovation Thinkers

Top Innovation Thinkers – Time to Cast Your Vote!Innovation Excellence is honored that Rowan Gibson and Braden Kelley have been nominated for the 2015 Distinguished Achievement Awards for Innovation. Rowan and Braden combined forces a few years ago with co-founders Julie Anixter and Dean DeBiase to make ...

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Is Gamification Right for Your Company?

If you’ve ever received a lollipop after an unpleasant visit to the doctor, or received a gold star in Kindergarten for good behavior, then you’re already familiar with the concept of gamification. On its face, it can be considered complex and unapproach ...

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Six Essentials to Cultivating an Innovation Culture

Six Essentials to Cultivating an Innovation CultureA decade ago, I was invited to coach a group of Nokia’s fast-rising superstars. Thirty-five “high potential” managers flew in to Palo Alto, California to network, sample local wines, and focus on innovation. At the time, Nokia seemed unstoppable. Growt ...

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Why I Moved to Vegas, and What It Can Teach Us About Innovation

I moved to Las Vegas about four months ago, and I have fallen in love with it. However, people who don’t live here almost universally struggle to understand why! The question I get asked virtually every time an old friend finds out that I have moved here i ...

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How Savvy Businesses Tackle Change Management

Katherine Jones, the Vice President, Human Capital Management Technology Research at Bersin by Deloitte, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share her insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. The seri ...

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Fostering Innovation via a Startup-With Tim Bates

Startup Acquisition to Foster InnovationWhen large companies want to become more innovative, they typically turn to one or more of these options: creating a group to be responsible for innovation increasing training to foster a culture of innovation promoting a specific innovation methodol ...

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