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Insights – the Raw Material for Big Ideas

There is actually a front end to the front end of innovation. Before you start ideating, you need a set of really novel strategic insights. These are like the raw material out of which exciting innovation breakthroughs are built.

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What is the Source of Value?

What is the Source of Value? Where does value come from? What makes people willing to pay $50 for a t-shirt that's just like the one that ten other people are wearing in the club? What makes people pay a premium for Apple products with features introduced by other companies mo ...

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Nine Ways to Innovate with Monetisation

Nine Ways to Innovate with MonetisationWe tend to think of innovation in terms of new products and services. But the need for innovation applies to a far broader range of business activities. You can innovate with your methods, processes, route to market, supply chain, marketing, partnerships a ...

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How Thomas Edison Went to Market? His Great Grandniece Tells Us

Editors note: this is the first in a series of posts from last week's Back End of Innovation Conference by Southern Growth's Michael Graber Sarah Miller Caldicott, the great grand niece of Edison and CEO of Power Patterns, kicked off the BEI conference f ...

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A Tale of Two Tools

DisruptusI had the privilege of receiving evaluation copies of a couple of different tools/games that you might find interesting to use in your innovation pursuits. They are the Disruptus game from Funnybone Toys and The Innovation Deck from Andrey Schukin. Dis ...

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Innovation in the Top 5 Chinese Tech Companies

Innovation High-tech ChinaTHE MOST INNOVATIVE CHINESE HIGH TECH COMPANIES IN 2014 China’s high tech industry is increasingly recognized as a very dynamic industry. More and more Chinese high tech companies are gaining ground on the international stage. “China has changed its ...

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25 Things Skilled Learners Do Differently

25 Things Skilled Learners Do DifferentlyImagine for a moment that all human beings had the same IQ, but that some of us knew how to tap into it better than others. How would we approach education differently? For starters, we wouldn’t have to concern ourselves nearly as much with boosting stu ...

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