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Most Companies Suck at Innovation Because…

Most companies suck at innovation because they suck at change. There you go, there is the entire article in a single sentence. Please click the like button or leave a comment on your way out, and I’ll turn out the lights. I’m actually serious, but…

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Open Innovation: A New Strategy to Stimulate Regional Economic Development

State and local governments, along with business associations, are feeling increased pressure to find new ways to foster regional growth through innovation.  Traditionally, government has provided tax breaks and R&D funding to spur innovation. However, ...

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Calling All Innovators – Land a Product Management Job

Land the Product Manager Job You WantReaders of Innovation Excellence already recognize the vital role innovation plays in organizations. Management expert Gary Hamel frames it well (from an interview in Forbes): Most of us understand that innovation is enormously important. It's the only insu ...

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Between the Gates of Resource Management

Gated development processes have been around for over 25 years now and I rarely come across a company these days that does not have some form of a phase, stage, or toll gate process in place. A gate review process, when well implemented, allows leadership to ...

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Are you an Elephant or a Salmon? Sex, Nature and Innovation Strategy

Can nature teach us how to become better innovators?   She certainly has a lot of experience, and has evolved many different approaches to innovation over the billions of years she has had to ‘experiment’.  Her different strategies are influenced by m ...

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Here’s What Killed The British Technology Industry

The award winning movie, The Imitation Game, based on Andrew Hodges' definitive biography of Alan Turing, won rave reviews for its portrayal of a rare genius.  Turing not only invented modern computing, but helped win World War II by breaking the Germa ...

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Three Critical Ingredients for Innovation

Our firm, the Southern Growth Studio, helps many companies with innovation. We help with projects labeled as innovation and we also consult on how companies set up the processes, framework, and governance for successful innovation. Based on our experience ...

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