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Does Innovation Research Need Radical Innovation Itself?

A lot of innovation research is still based on asking people what they think, often in highly unrealistic research environments. Asking the wrong questions, or maybe the act of asking questions itself, risks throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and killing the really big ideas off before they have a chance.

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Dynamic Innovation – NYSE after the 2008 Financial Crisis

US Financial Crisis - WSJ 2008Editor's note: In this series, we share personal innovation stories from a new book by Luis Solis; Innovation Alchemists: what every CEO needs to know to hire the right Chief Innovation Officer Drive innovation in your organization through the 3P ...

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Forget the “made in China” cliché, innovation is in China

made in ChinaJoe Biden asked us back in May to name a single innovative Chinese project. Anyone who’s spent more than ten minutes watching China could name a few. China’s drive to achieve the coveted “innovative” adjective, while far from over is certainly open. ...

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Put Your Heart into Your Innovation Efforts

Put Your Heart into Your Innovation Efforts Innovation is a constant struggle between yes and no. It requires pride, experience and reasons just as it requires lots of passion and heart. Sometimes people get confused on the right mix. Sometimes a simple picture with text (like the one above) sums ...

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Deadline Extended – Nominations for Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharers of 2014

Top 50 Innovation TweetersOkay, let's all be honest, a lot of us have either been on vacation, are going on vacation, or we're dreaming of a vacation. As a result we thought we would give people a few more days to submit their Top 50 Innovation Twitter Sharer nominations. It's alw ...

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Four Signs You’re Working Innovatively

Over the past few weeks I have been interviewing staff and members of a few organisations, in an attempt to discover more about what innovation means for them. It has been amazing to realise that almost every staff member at one organisation stated the same ...

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Alan Webber on What’s Wrong with the Way We Aspire to Success

bif9-alanwebberThis post is part of a series of conversations published on the Time website, authored by myself and Nicha Ratana, with transformational leaders who will be storytellers at the BIF10 Collaborative Innovation Summit in Providence, RI, on Sept. 17-18. ...

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