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On Becoming an Innovation Alchemist

Our feature today kicks off a series of essays written by Innovation Alchemists, as conceived and compiled by a new book by author Luis Solis: Innovation Alchemists: What Every CEO Should Know to Hire the Right Chief Innovation Officer.

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Video: Instant language translation is coming to Skype

Nearly Here One of the most fundamental changes to how you will be able to do business in 5 years is nearly here. Instant voice language translation will enable you to have a conversation with someone with both of you speaking your native language. This ope ...

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Transformation through Strategy and Innovation

Create PurposeOne of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients is how we can help them transform their organization to become more innovative and create a culture of continuous innovation that enables strategic renewal. A simple question but a big challenge. ...

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Five Innovation Talent Reflections

Five Innovation Talent ReflectionsI have been reading some interesting articles recently on talents; how to spot them and how to develop them in a fast-changing world. Here you get five reflections on this in the context of innovation: 1. Future versus Past What are the traditional com ...

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Innovation and Building a Next Generation Organisation

Innovation and building a Next Generation OrganisationAll over the world, organisations are emerging from hibernation, once again stretching their limbs and flexing their corporate muscles ready for a post-recession drive for the future. But whilst hibernating, hunkering down and minimising risk in an effort to ...

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Innovation Index

What would life be without lists, I would be bored, life would be colorless. It was only time before innovation got its lists, or rather a list called the Global Innovation Index. The list, in its 7th edition, is compiled by Cornell University, WIPO, the ...

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Combating the Dark Side of Technology (Part 2)

Combating the Dark Side of Technology (Part 2)Earlier this week in Combating the Dark Side of Technology (Part 1), I made the case that we’ll only be able to overcome the dark side of technology by re-integrating passion and profession. But this is only the first step. If this is all we do, we’ll be ...

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